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Valmiki Sundakandamu - Parayanamu.mp3

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Valmiki Sundakandamu - Parayanamu.mp3 

all files are here in this latest link

Valmiki Sundara Kandamu AUDIO compilation is not available freely -- it consists of 2885 sanskrit verses vocalised beautifully by Sri Raghavendra Sarma garu. It makes for very good recitation - just play and you can recite with him.
The printed version for reciting is available with Geetha Press, Gorakhpur
The importance and benefits and method of Valmiki Sundar Kandamu Parayanam are given beautifully in this web page - the link :

 The rendition is by Sri Raghavendra Sarma - as mentioned on the CD. The CD is from Giri Trading Agency Chennai. Their webpage is Email:
It is available in Geetha Press, Gorakhpur

సుందరే సుందరో రామ:
సుందరే సుందరీ కథ:
సుందరే సుందరీ సీత
సుందరే సుందరం వనం
సుందరే సుందరం కావ్యం
సుందరే సుందరం కపి:
సుందరే సుందరం మంత్రం
సుందరే కిం న సుందరం

How To Perform Sundara Kandam Parayanam

'Sundara Kandam' Is the Fifth Section of Srimad Valmiki Ramayana

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