Thursday, March 22, 2012

Upadesa Saram-Sri Paripoornananda Saraswati Swami

Upadesa Saram-Sri Paripoornananda Saraswati Swami

Sri Paripoornananda Saraswati Swami gave a wonderful explanation regarding Upadesa Saram (The Essence of Instruction) which contains 30 Slokas given by Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

  • 38 videos
  • 16:46:21 duration

1)Guruji's Pravachanams:--- Pujyasri Paripoornananda Saraswati Swami has delivered discourses on Athma Bodha, Sri Medha Dakshinamurthy Vaibhavam, Bhaja Govindam,Sri Bhagavad Gita, Upadesa Saram, Sadhana Panchakam, Isavasyopanishad, KenaUpanised, Maneeshaa Panchakam and so on. His pravachanams delivered In TELUGU language with full of real life experiences that can be easily understood to anyone.

2)How to get Pravachanam Video's and Books and Magazine:--
a)Video's Online:---
SVBC or Bhakthi TV channel every day morning or evening..

b)Video's and Books and Magazine in Offline:--
We can get HD quality videos at very reasonable price from Sreepeetham Trust. We can get DD details and what are currently available videos from 0884-2348111/2358111
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Step 2:- a) Write a cover letter on white paper what you need videos or magazine from the below list(Pls call to sreepeetham about stock details before order).
Athma Bodha 250/-, Upadesa saram 250/-, Bhaja Govindam 150/-, Dakshina Murti Sthotram 250/-, Sadhana Panchakam 100/-, Maneeshaa Panchakam 100/-, Isavasyopanishad 200/-, Kanopanised 200/-, Hindudarmam 25/-, Magazine(Iswarya Bhaarathi monthly) 100/-(for one year subscription) b) Courier Charges 100/- c) write from address:(Your door delivery address with Phone Number)
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4)About Sreepeetham Publications:--
a)Books:-- Upadesa Saaram, Bhajagovindam Pushpanjali Eesaavaasyopanishad
b) Videos:-- Athma Bodha, Sri Medha Dakshinamurthy Vaibhavam, Bhaja Govindam,Sri Bhagavad Gita,Upadesa Saram,Sadhana Panchakam,Isavasyopanishad,KenaUpanishad,Maneeshaa Panchakam and so on...
c) Magazine:-- Iswarya Bhaarathi

5)How to reach Guruji:--
a) OR TO: SREEPEETHAM, C/O Sri Iswaryambica Temple, Beside Bhavani Castings Pithapuram Road, Ramanayyapeta, Kakinada - 533 005, Landmark: Near SRMT Production office, Phone: 0884-2348111/2358111
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