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Bombay Sisters - GangaLahari of Jagannatha Bhatta

Bombay Sisters - GangaLahari of Jagannatha Bhatta

Bombay Sisters - GangaLahari of Jagannatha Bhatta.

Here you will find the pdf text in devanagari script. If anybody needs the english translation, here are some links where you can buy on line. I could not find any for free download.:'s%2520Gangalahari%253A%2520With%2520the%2520Commentary%2520by%2520Sri%2520Sadasiva%2520%2526%2520English%2520Translation&xguid=80abd5161c3b4031255eae751163527b&xcreo=0&
The poem is from the pen of a great sanskrit scholar of 17th century well known (hailing from Andhra PRadesh) in Sanskrit Literary Criticism. Because of his revolutionary thoughts against the orthodox scholars, he was patronized by the contemporary Mughal Emperor of Delhi and fell in love with his daughter or some other Muslim lady and later outcasted by the orthodox scholars. In his last days, lying on the banks of the Ganges, he was condemned by the his rival Appaya Dikshitha (Tamilnadu) and annoyed by this, he recited these verses at the end of which he was taken into the stream by the Ganges. This is the legend behind the creation of this poem. But there are other devotional poems also by him called Lahari-s or waves (of devotion). This story might have also been created by the orthodox rivals also. But there is no evidence either to deny or prove this. The poem is of high calibre.

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