Maa Taatayya Chalam

"Woman too has a body; it needs exercise. She has a brain; it needs knowledge. She has a heart; it needs experience"
--- Chalam

Maa Taatayya Chalam
Maa Tatayya ChalamA collection of letters written by Gudipati Venkatachalam, the revolutionary writer and all-time great writer of superb, powerful prose, to Baby Turaga Janaki Rani, herself a noted short story writer. Janaki Rani, who is the granddaughter of Chalam, questions the very philosophy of free love society enunciated by Chalam. Intimate, fascinating letters in his own handwriting, scanned and reproduced and an in-depth analysis of all that Chalam stands for, with a fitting tribute to the great litterateur from his granddaughter.
Gudipati Venkatachalam (1894 – 1979), a Telugu writer and philosopher, was one of the most influential personalities in the modern Telugu literature. Most of his writings were regarding Women, especially the kind of difficulties women encounter-physical as well as psychological-in the society, families from their near and dear ones.
Well known as 'CHALAM', Gudipati Venkata Chalam was born on 18 May, 1894. His mother was Venkata Subbamma and Father was Kommuri Sambasivarao. In his childhood days, his grand father (mother's father) adopted him and by that his surname was changed to "Gudipati" from "Kommuri".
Chalam was a strong critic of the fundamental societal architecture of his time. He believed that the barriers created by the society precluded love and mutual understanding from human relationships. He was widely shunned during his times especially for his advocacy of women’s rights and his total rejection of the family system.
Maidanam, Sasirekha, Dyvamicchina bharya, Jeevitadarsam, Brahmanikam, Bujjigadu are some of the novels written by him. Jealousy, Aa rathri, Prema paryavasanam, Satyam Sivam Sundaram are the short story collections, Musings, Papam, Prema Lekhalu were some other books.
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