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Narayana Theerthar Tarangams - Live Nama Sankirtan- Suvasini Arunachalam - 7 Sep 2012

Narayana Theerthar Tarangams - Live Nama Sankirtan- Suvasini Arunachalam - 7 Sep 2012 
Dear All, This is a Thematic Nama Sanikirtanam Live Concert performed at Vani Mahal on 7 Sep 2012. The theme of the concert is Narayana Theerthar's Tarangams. Narayana Teertha was the author of a Sanskrit opera called Sri Krishna Leela Tarangini on the life of the Hindu god Lord Krishna.The songs are popularly called "Tarangas" means waves. The lyrics are simple yet beautiful and effective. The Astapadis of Jayadeva are said to be the inspiration. Legend has it that the inspiration to compose this piece occurred when he was along the banks of Naducauvery. He was suffering from a serious stomach ailment and prayed that he should be given the strength to go back to Tirupati, where it all started. A divine voice asked him to follow a boar (varaha) to wherever it led him. The varaha led him to Bhupatirajapuram, which came to be known as `Varahur' later. The people of the village knew that a maha-purusha was coming. With their help, he raised the temple for Sri Lakshmi Narayana and Lord Venkateswara and settled down on the banks of river `Kudamurutty' the name by which the Cauvery was known at this place. Tarangini is an opera highly suitable for dance drama and it has been very well utilized by Indian classical dancers over the last two centuries. Tarangini consists of 12 Tarangams and encapsulates 153 songs, 302 slokams and 31 choornikaas. Teertha followed Veda VyAsa’s Bhagavatam and concentrated on the 10th skandam.
 Jaya Jaya Swamin Sharanam Bhava Alokaye Sri Balakrishnam Bala Gopalakrishna Jaya Jaya Durge Krishnam Kalya Sakhi Sundaram Pahi PahiJaganmohana Krishna Nanda Nandana Radhe Shyama Balagopala Maamuddhara Krishna Pooraya Mama Kaamam Kalaya Yosodhe Govardhana Giridhara Kalyana Gopalam Karunalavaalam Jaya mangalam Link: 
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