Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TNF is a non-profit and non-political organization

TNF books distribution function. and also i would like to thank DP Reddy garu for spreading the word regarding the same by Nirman foundation. 
I have a close work with both the organizations. As a founder member of TNF, I am taking this opportunity to send this email on behalf of TNF. here is some introduction to TNF. TNF is a non-profit and non-political organization registered (Reg# 412/2012) on 3rd MAY 2012. 
TNF did alot of activities for our cause irrespective of any political interest and also conducted some intellectual meets/conferences in hyd by inviting our telangana leaders like Prof. Kodandram, Mr. Pittala ravindar, Mr. V. Prakash and so on. you also can see some news in missiontelangana website in the below link.
 We are also very happy to say that NT has covered TNF in their zindagi. please see the attachment for the article. please see this vedio for the recent seminar on the recent developments in TG agitation by Prof. Kodandaram, Mr. V. Prakash, Mr. Vittal and so on. The notebooks were released by Prof. Kodandaram in one event in hyd. please see this vedio..
and the present project that TNF is working on is the notebook distribution in the rural govt schools. so far, We (TNF) have almost covered 6 schools in warangal dist, 3 schools in karimnagar dist. most recently i.e. yesterday, our team went to nilopher hospital to distribute the school kits to the students there.
We have to distribute in some other places too. Please see the pics of these events in the below link. https://picasaweb.google.com/113882066281684299338
Another important thing is our people were recognized some problems in the govt schools. I requested our youngsters to send me a detailed report to spread the word in NRIs.
I hope they will do that soon after finishing all the notebooks. Sorry to say that we are limited to only few schools due to lacking of funds.
P.S.: TNF is having a strong active team at the grounds and developing everyday. 
Mail is sent by: Dasari Kiran  E mail: Dasari Kiran dkiran1982@yahoo.com

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Dear Admins,
Thanks for publishing the news regarding TNF. Please join with us in FB in the below link.

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