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By Rajiv Malhotra and Aravindan Neelakandan
Publishers: Amaryllis Pages: 640
Price: Rs.695/ US $20

This book has been written after 5 years of
research. Analysis has been done over 19
T h r e e g l o b a l n e two r k s t h a t h a v e we l l
established operating bases inside India,
undermine Indiaís integrity. First is Islamic
radicalism linked with Pakistan. Second is
Marxist radicals supported by China. Third
is Dravidian and Dalit identity separatism
being fostered by the West.
T h e f o c u s i s o n t h e r o l e o f U . S . a n d
European Churches, academics, foundations,
Government and human rights groups in
fostering separation. It tracks money trails
that start out claiming to be for education,
human rights and empowerment training
but end up in programmes designed to
m i s g u i d e I n d i a n y o u t h t o s e p a r a t i s t
The British to suit their colonial interests
had the policy of divide and rule. Hence
t h e y c r e a t e d a my t h t h a t Ar y a n s a n d
Dravidians are separate races. Christian
evangelists and local Politicians use this
my t h f o r t h e i r s e l f i s h e n d s . Ch r i s t i a n
organizations in the West spread false
propaganda that Dal i t s and r e l igious
minorities are persecuted in India.
The Aryan race theory has been rejected by
Europe. But the academics and media in
India s t i l l hold on to Aryan invas ion
theory. Many such myths are systematically
manufactured and disseminated through
entrenched channels with ulterior motive.
A Tamil translation of this English book is
also available.
This book is a ìMUST READî for those
who are concerned about the unity of India
and interested in preserving the cultural and
religious legacy of India.
Review by N. Avinashilingam

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