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Antha Sai - Telugu Devotional Album


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Antha Sai - Telugu Devotional Album
"Antha Sai" is a tribute to our spiritual Father (Baba) and Guru - Shirdi Sai Baba, who taught us how to focus, to persevere, to remain effective and to never ever give up on looking inward.One of the greatest Sufi Saints to ever walk the face of the earth, Sai baba, helped his followers understand that there are grey levels between complete consciousness and death and that a true spiritual journey involves abnegation of attachment to any popular religion or faith, simply because each individual is different from the other. He was probably one of those rare gems that could not be classified to this date as either a Hindu or a muslim. He is a miracle of his own right and his life story is a living testament to his beliefs. Few people would believe, in years, that such a man even walked of the face of this earth. Sai baba, as a Guru, remained in his rags and begged on the streets and cooked for people in his Masjid and, at no point, could be doubted for his unique journey of understanding and delivering spiritual wisdom to people of all walks and faiths of humanity.
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Antha Sai - Telugu Devotional Album
Album Playlist
Slokam - Sada Nimba (1:31)
Gaganana Tholi Velugu (5:19)
Antha Sai Mayam (5:50)
Dhyaname (5:37)
Gajjala Ghallu (5:37)
Shiridi Puramuna (5:13)
Mahadeva (7:41)
Nirguna Nirmala (5:25)
Shradha Saburi (5:11)
Lyrics in Telugu02. Gaganana Tholi Velugu

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