Friday, January 6, 2012

Yuvageetha - sri paripoornananda saraswati swami

Yuvageetha - sri paripoornananda saraswati swami

Yuvageetha, sri paripoornananda saraswati swami, Yuvapatham, Uvageetha


Prarthana said...

I greatly appreciate ur effort to promote Hinduism. I currently stay in Kerala. and we do not have access to Telugu books or channels or to understand Hinduism in language we know.
Ur site was useful to download some books.
Kindly provide Garikapati- Andhra maha bhagavatham broadcast on bhakti tv and Sri paripoornananda's lectures in transcript form.
Also Bal vikas had course on basic understanding of all religions. and specially Hinduism like nava vidha bakti marga.
There are many people here who read only telugu but access to right knowledge is missing. Hope u will bring people like us into mainstream Bhakti movement currently going on in Andhra Pradesh

Anonymous said...

Dear Prathana,

within a short time pujyasri paripoornananda saraswati swamiji discourses will available online.The website is going to ready within months.I request u to like swamiji facebook page to get more updates.

y.sudarshan reddy said...

We all will be glad to hear that pujyasri paripoornananda saraswati swamiji's "BHAGAVADGITA" discourses are now SVBC Channel is telecasting at 7 to 7.30AM daily except sunday as we do not have facility to stream them and upload in youtube so that every one can view them online . My sincere request viewrs who ever views this post may look into my request and do the needful.....

Anonymous said...

Namaskaramulu! Can u pls upload the discourse on " bharatiya via bhavan" by swami paripoornananda which has happened on 1 to 4 jan 2012 in tirumala. I am not able to hear these on other websites. Thank u
Nandini lingeshbabu