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About Us:
What We Do:
Center for Social Service is a voluntary, not for profit, non-governmental organization, promoted by academicians and philanthropists who share a common concern for the down trodden and under privileged young girls of our society.
We strongly feel
Economic independence through education is one of the best ways for women empowerment.
Education should be accessible to all irrespective of gender, economic or social status.
The education and empowerment of women can never fail to result in a more caring,tolerant,just and peaceful life for all
To achieve these goals CSS is running two major programmes –
Residential Programme for Orphan girls
Free English Medium School for economically and socially deprived girls (CSS+NAM GIRLS SCHOOL)
Each of our major programs is discussed in detail in the subsequent tabs.
Residential Program-
Each year a select number of girls are taken into the organization and provided with free education,accomodation and all other basic eminities to enable them to lead a dignified life. The criteria for selection are, orphan or semi-orphan child, coming from economically needy family and perseverance to improve one self. Each child’s socio-economic and educational background is carefully scrutinized before admission is done. According to their aptitude and capabilities they are joined in different courses (like engineering, medicine, commerce, vocational courses etc). These girls are provided with free accommodation, food, college fee, bus passes, hostel expenses, stationary, books and for deserving students coaching for competitive exams like EAMCET is also provided. At its inception CSS started with strength of 5 girls which now culminated into a mighty strength of 52 girls, studying in various disciplines.
Our Second Program:
CSS+NAM School – In concurrence with its aim of educating the girl-child, Centre for Social Service embarked on an early intervention program. Children belonging to the lower economic strata get education only through Government run Municipal Schools, because of the free education and mid-day meal provided there. But a large number of girls start dropping out of these schools from first form onwards, either due to poor grades, disinterest or due to economic conditions. Young girls at this age are potential wage earners as baby-sitters; house-maids etc and parents remove them from school, even though they want to educate them. Continuous failure of a child in school makes this decision even easier to make. We at CSS are trying to re-enforce the importance of education to both parents and children staying in nearby slums and studying in Nagole Government High School. Towards this end CSS is running a support school with a might strength of 175 girl studenst.At present we have lower and upper kindergarten, first and second classes. We have appointed teachers to teach these children. After the classes ,the children are provided with a small meal. We are sure that with a little support these children will improve their performance in school which in turn will convince their parents to let them continue their education.
We also run two supplementary programmes.
Clothes Bank
To meet the needs of our residential girls as well as that of our NAM GIRLS SCHOOL children we started collecting used clothes. Girls who were leaving the country to study or work abroad started donating their clothes which were in mint condition. People send their children’s expensive clothes that they have out grown fast.
After seeing the tremendous response to this programme it was decided to start a – Clothes Bank where clothes that are donated can be sorted and stored. Men’s clothing and clothes that were over and above CSS need, were distributed to children in NAM Girls School, their families and to slum dwellers that were more desperately in need of them. A separate room for this purpose was built at our Sri Sakthi (our CSS orphanage’s main building) building.
Children’s Library:
Sri M.M.M K Gandhigaru in memory of his wife late Smt. Kodali Kasturibai helped us in starting our Children’s library. With their initial donation we acquired books and other material from various sources. Our library houses a collection of books from various sources. We have fiction/nonfiction/children’s literature and a whole collection of useful academic material and educational videos. Our aim is to extend it beyond the physical walls of the building by providing internet access and also provide the assistance of a librarian to navigate and analyze the tremendous amount of knowledge with the help of digital tools. We are also planning on expanding our collection to house useful material that will support the school’s curriculum.We want

Information about our Group
Founder – Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, double M. A. M. Phil, is the wife of (late) Mr. K. Saradhi I.F.S. She worked in the Health Care Industry and Government sector for many years. A woman of eminent strength and courage she bravely faced the tests of time and decided to channel all her energy towards the empowerment of under-privileged young girls in our society. She has made her home a haven for them.
Mrs. Swarajyalakshmi is the wife of Mr. P. V. Ratnam, Retd DGM ECIL. She is a practitioner of meditation and yoga. The growth of CSS and its acquisition of a permanent building is a result of her persistent and unflinching efforts.
Mrs. Prameela is the wife of Mr. T. Chandramouli, Retd Scientific Officer, NFC. She worked in Defense Research Lab for 33 years and retired as a technical officer from missile projects. Her long years of service in the technical field have become an asset in executing her duties in CSS with passion.
Mrs. Janaki is the wife of Dr. R. R. Rao, M. D. She did her Masters in Social Work from Madras School of Social Work. Joining CSS was the culmination point of both her professional and personal fields of interest in life. She does educational and career guidance for the children.

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