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What happened during Sivarathri? How to
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pandugalante Classical Culture,
Just RELAX a date,
a date uddyesincabadinavi delight
not. Each Brownie spirituality,
is daivikata. Each
festival of Science, Health,
scientific karanaluntayi.
Effluent from space cosmic
rays, electric ayaskant
waves in Mind, Any
DAY of a man doing work Any
Living Flowers, the former is
the more remarkable from the the STATE to STATE
will get the opportunity to grow, to the Observer
of the Special days
and formed our Saints holidays.
During yogaratri Sivarathri. During Sivarathri
DAY waves in nature,
emanating from space cosmic
rays, human Development of the Universe, a man
in his Perfect appearance
, self Learn to
Enhance appearance to help.
So, Sivarathri During some Special
that Sivarathri During Fasting,
jagaranaku material is preferred.
Shivaratri all that Fast
to Science. For young children,
musalivallaku, ill
badhapadevallaku, pregnant Women,
to ausadhasevanam
gave Them the exception
of Science.
Before the DAY of fasting,
fasting the Next DAY, meat,
egg, Eat, etc.,
should not be Drinking.
Anyway, You ' Fast re not,
it would be difficult to Cater to the appetite Waking During the morning,
some late arise. So
should be avoided.
Fasting underoju Sunrise in the morning
before I woke up, the head of the
bath, and the
DAY I pritikaranga Shiva
Ratrim fasting,
will ulti. Fasting is a
means to keep in Close.
God, Mind,
senses, Close to the fasting responsible.
WHEN fasting, the body
Removes toxins
in the body and pranasaktini, sensory
Increases temper. Most
Drinking WATER upavasincamani also
will not say who. Also, do not do that.
Kastapedutu the body,
the Mind is difficult to rotate toward God.
2. Jivaradhana
subsequently, WHEN You Fast, How much
Rice, and OTHER
food migilutayo Them in
terms of the Poor and Hungry.
Astamurti Philosophy of Lord Shiva in the WORLD
, is in the form of organisms WANDERING.
Annartula satisfy the appetite
will isvarasevaye. So Swami
Vivekananda 'jivaradhane sivaradhana "
he said. Fast rules, the same
Shivaratri in nature DAY
grahincalante sivasaktini body,
put the butter erect
sit. At the Time of the seated
FORWARD AS bends such sitting
, without having to erect your vertebrae
to sit, Stand.
3. Maun vrat
Shivaratri DAY Maun vrat So that
gives excellent results.
Manasikaprasantatanu Attractive.
Silence mouth closed WHEN
Think not that sitting. Wary
trikaranamulu (manovakkayamulu)
needs to Unite.
Avarincinappudu Maun vrat Complete silence of the Mind
. Therefore, unnecessary thoughts,
claims kattipetti, On Shiva's Mind
to focus. If necessary
, go to the Shiva temple, there
are rudrabhisekam.
Rudram half an HOUR to Read once
it takes.
You ceyincukokapoyina anointed
OK, Shiva calmly
sat with closed Eyes, Scholars
Read Rudra -
Listen namakacamakalanu. After that
the results to See.
Employees, particularly
in the Private Sector cestunnavariki work
that may not Leave DAY.
Studying went in abroad means
for students in the same Situation
may be. What
to do then?
Avasaramaintavarake talk, unnecessary
words kattipettandi. Stir anyone
be confused, tittakandi. AS AS much possible
and talk less. Arriving at the house,
reclaimed kallucetulu face,
Shiva glans, alayanlono
Eyes closed in silence for a while
anointing Shiva boyfriend. Shiva
WATER poured into the casino, fun
than inundate. Shivaratri
On all COLOR, gender, Ethnicity, Caste and
without Shiva bhedham
by arcincadam, abhisekincadam the
life of grace Sadashiva
, a nuisance to the bypass.
of Sivarathri During the Vigil, We
sivatvanni will be awakened.
Jagaranam Siva in us
is awakened,
tamassunu will.
Movies are Looking for, Madness
in small groups,
to Continue to entertain jagaranaku it
will not vigilantes, not only to entertain
will be. If handled then,
asked at the Time, Bad Speech due to
SIN is.
6mantra chanted
the sivanamanto Shivaratri,
the Panchakshara Om Namah SHIVAYA
japa mahamantra / Vigil Remembered Among
an Infinite number of Stored Energy
is awakened. The sivoham
can give.
Next morning sivalayannisandara
sinci, offering to bring home
to have a meal and fasting
mungincali wary.
All the Most important to keep in Mind
Thing, On Shivaratri, fasting, Vigil
by, the Next night
to sleep. The
sampurnaphalam say dakkuntudani 
 India, located in the image of the holy pilgrims mahesudu jyotisvarupudaina pannenducotla karunistunnadu Jyothirlinga. Nalugudikkulalo twelve jyotirlingalunnayi India. Samudrapuodduna two (bangalakhatatiranlo ramesvaralingam, the Arabian sea somanathalingam) mountain peaks in four (Srisailam mallikharjunudu, kedaresvarudu in the Himalayas, the mountains of the Sahyadri bhimasankarudu, meruparvatalapai vaidyanathalingam) places in the plains of the three (darukavananlo nagesvaralingam, gender ghrsnesvara at Aurangabad, the city of Ujjain mahakalesvara gender) on the banks of three rivers (godavaritirana tryambakesvara gender, narmadatirana onkaresvarudu, ganganaditirana visvesvarudu). Like the twelve Jyotirlinga rupalalonunna luminous Lord of the sexes. They are symbolic of dvadasadityulaku. Kalalingam thirteenth gender. Kalalingamu who turiyavasthanu creatures. Jiva Brahma 2. Maya 3. 4. 5. 1. taittiriyopanisattunanusarinci mind, intellect, will, 6. 7. 8. ahankaramu gas Prithvi 9. 11. 12. Water 10. The brightness of the sky - the twelve twelve Jyothirlinga tattvale. All of which are symbolic of the body. Pasupatinathalingam Kathmandu, is the head of the twelve Jyotirlingas. There is one glory of the Jyotirlingas each Jyotirlinga. Dvadasa Jyothirlinga saw prasphutamavutuntayi touched many miracles in our lives. Twelve Jyothirlinga darsincukolenivaru, at least okkalingannaina darsincagaligite anantakoti labhistundanedi peddalavakku handled.

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Maha Shivarathri Special Songs, Lord Shiva

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Astadasa sources of Vedic epics. Brahmaku Lord Shiva was instructing the four Vedas. Since the Vedas, emerging from their harmony, memories, myths, Brahma was addressed by the first Lord Shiva. Since the first of the legendary heroes of the Mahabharata mahasivude santiparvanlo - "astadasa purananam dasabhih kathyate sivah" - was named. Ten myths, stories, mythology, Lord Shiva teliyabaducunnadi astadasa nindinavani clear. Sarvavyapakudu, sarvadharudu, nirvikarudu, that niranjanudu kirtincadagga by the gods Brahma visnvadi mahasivuni Leela telipede the glory of this great legend of Lord Shiva. The Shiva Samhita is the great myth of the Great punyapradalaina twelve. Bundled hundred verses. Vyasamaharsi the Kali Yuga, which are perceived alpayuskulani ° looked Samhita, also made twenty four thousand verses summing. This is the fourth in the mythology of Lord Shiva Maha Purana astadasa. Rudra Samhita nalgavadaina seven million Saṃhitā dvadasa Jyothirlinga embedded pradurbhava history.
Mythology, spiritual practitioners converged elastic tetatellamavutayi Achievement ways. For example, Lord Shiva Maha Purana, Rudra Saṃhitā daksayani upadesincamani approached and asked to clear out of the way. Jiva is no philosophy, knowing that whatever grief datagalgutado asked to notify moksasadhananu. Bhaktimarganni Shiva explained that the easiest way to teach than mullokalalo à magnanimous devotion. Each event offers a way to practice is something similar to this myth.
"Pathanacchra sravaya dasya our nnara sattamah devotion, sadyah sivapadapraptim labhate sarvasadhanat" - devotion sivapuranam humans to read, the legendary devote ourselves alakincevaru, devotion to Lord Shiva prapattulato place of worship, manavottamulai iha lokannandu sukhasaukhyalanu, paralokamunandu sivasannidhyanni gain, according to the legends. Math is at the forefront of the emerging myth of the great Telugu readers adaristarani hoping for the Lord ...
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