Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sukthams -Gopal Bhat

Gopal Bhat - Sukthams Dear bhakthas, Wish you all a very happy new year. Please find below one of the best suktham recitations I have ever come accross. Excellent recitation by Gopal Bhat of Trichur, Kerala and very good recording. Normally we find best vedic chantings from Chennai, but this one is much better than those coming from there. Especially I have never heard any other priest rendering Bhagya suktham and swasthi suktham so clearly that one can listen and learn easily. Devi aparadha kshamapan sthothra by sankaracharya is generally not found in any other cassette. Same is the case with vak suktham. Here is the list. 01 purusha suktha.mp3 10.9 MB 02 sri suktham.mp3 11.4 MB 03 durga suktham.mp3 3.21 MB 04 bhagya suktham.mp3 3.17 MB 05 swasthi suktham.mp3 3.53 MB 06 vak sukthanm .mp3 3.79 MB 07 sradha suktham.mp3 2.37 MB 08 devi aparadh kshamapan stothram - paani manthram.mp3 6.59 MB 09 ganpat sirsham.mp3 12.4 MB 10 nidhana pathaye namaha.mp3 1.78 MB 11 runa vimochana managala .mp3 3.19 MB 12 mantra pushpam.mp3 6.36 MB 13 santhi manthram.mp3 5.08 MB Here is the link

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